Palm-in is a company that sells and distributes palm oil and palm fat.

We provide complete logistical support for the delivery of all palm oil fractions directly from the plantations to your factory.

Our team will help you organize and deliver, and our tips will help you buy the highest quality products in the European market.


Palm oil is obtained from the fruit of the palm tree ELAEIS GUINEENSIS

Palm oil has been used for thousands of years for both edible and health purposes.

Palm oil is thought to be beneficial because of its coenzyme Q10, Vitamin A and E, beta carotene. According to some studies, palm oil raises the levels of good cholesterol while reducing the bad. It protects the cardiovascular system and boosts immunity.


Satisfied clients in 2019

Global production

The largest producers of palm oil today are Indonesia and Malaysia..
Global palm oil production - as well as demand for it - is growing. In terms of production, it ranks second in the world after soybean oil.

Wide application

Palm oil is one of the vegetable fats that, due to its composition and nutritional value, has found wide application in cosmetics and cooking around the world.

Sales and distribution of palm fat and oil

A large number of restaurants, hotels and food producers have given us the confidence and honor to supply them with this product on a regular basis.